Number Tap on the App Story Podcast

This week I was invited to the App Story Podcast to discuss my experiences with Number Tap. Give it a listen if you want to hear about how the app came into fruition. 

If you are not already subscribed to App Story Podcast, shame on you! It's a great show for app fans & mobile developers and has quickly became one of my favorite podcasts to listen to. 





"Rate This App"

Most apps ask at the wrong time, they'll prompt users after x number of launches. For example, today I opened Mailbox to check my mail, and boom up pops a "rate this app" dialog. Honestly, I just wanted to check my mail, and had I been a different type of user, I may have said sure I'll rate your app… headed to the app store and left a scathing 1 star review.


Asking for a review on the App Store shouldn't be a sin, but most developers approach it wrong. Dan has highlighted some great effective ways to prompt dedicated users to rate or review your app. 


Virgin TV Anywhere

Virgin TV Anywhere has been officially unveiled by the UK cable TV provider, billed as a cloud-based entertainment service for Virgin Media subscribers to watch TV and movies on computers, tablets and smartphones. And this clearly positions it alongside BSkyB’s online offering.
— The Next Web:

As much as I love Virgin Media's services, it does seem like they are always playing catchup to BSkyB.

Its good to see all the major content providers within the UK offering cloud services to stream on-demand.

At the moment this is only for iOS, I can only assume this would be rolled out across more devices in the future. 


Live hangout with the Corona Geeks

During this special episode of Corona Geek we hangout with Dean Murphy, developer of the Joke Shake app for iPhone and iPad. Dean shares his Corona experience as someone who is new to programming entirely. Dean also shares some of the lessons he had to learn the hard way.

I was invited by the Corona Geek's to join their Google Hangout to talk about my experiences with Corona. I had a great time appearing in my first live hangout, and there were some interesting topics covered. Check it out!

via CoronaGeek


Microsoft & Google rumoured to be interested UK mobile spectrum?

Both Google and Microsoft have expressed an “extreme interest” in currently unused white space spectrum in the UK, according to The Telegraph. A senior government source speaking to the publication says that both companies see the spectrum as “very, very important.”

Would be great to see a technology company in charge of some of the UK spectrum, after EE's poor attempt at offering LTE.

Google have outlined with their Fiber project that they want to promote an affordable and usable service to promoting media streaming, which would translate well to UK mobile 4G use.