Tools of the trade.

In this post I just wanted to just loosely go over what Software & Services I use to help with my workflow. 

Feel free to mention what software you use in the comments below!


Corona SDK

Corona SDK is a great framework built upon the Lua programming language. I find it to be a very friendly approchable language which is well documented and easy to use.

Lua Glider

A Corona SDK IDE. This has too many great features for me to mention to do it justice. Smartcode completion  saves a lot of time,  and it has some great debugging tools integrated  Just check out their features page and see what this is capable of!

Adobe CS6

For creating all the artwork for my Apps, Adobes Creative Suite is pretty much the industry standard.


This OSX app saves me a huge amount of time. It takes the retina images I use in my apps and shrinks them down to a non retina state. So I can create one set of assets and scale them down to support all devices. 


I only use this before I build my app ready for submission. It goes through all my images and compresses them, saving between 20-80% of space per image. This is important for both performance and keeping the main file size down. 



I use GitHub both privately and publicly. In private I host my own repositories for my apps so I have an off-site backup and also version control which makes it easily visible what changes I have made. Publicly, I use it to share code snippets with the Corona Community. 


Flurry Analytics are included in my app's so I can view various anonymous statistics about the usage of my apps, see what features are used the most and also device hardware & software demographics. This gives me a good overview of what devices to target in future apps and also what features to further progress. 

App Annie

More Analytics  however App Annie provides stats based on the sales within my Apple Developer account. I get daily email updates and notifications on what chart rankings are for my apps.