Three Thursday Releases!

So I finally finished number tap, and it is ready and 'app'roved, ready for release on 13th of December. Also, there will be updates to my other apps, Joke Shake & Decider, to coincide with the number tap launch!

What is number tap?


number tap is a math based quiz game with a friendly minimalistic style. It will ask you math questions that you will have to solve before the timer runs out.

You get a combo bonus if you get multiple questions right in a row, and also extra time added to the timer.

There are 4 game modes to pick from, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication & Division. All game modes have 3 difficulties and get progressively more challenging as you earn higher combo's!

There are 21 achievements to earn and 14 global leader-boards to rank in, all powered by Game Centre.

You can find more information at or view our press kit here

Joke Shake 1.2


This will be a big change for the majority of users. This app is now 100% advert free and all Joke Packs are unlocked for all previous supporters of this app.

There is also a festive Christmas joke pack that has been added that brings the total joke count to over 1250 Jokes!

As I have taken away the adverts & In-App purchase options, I have decided to add a small cost on the app so it will now be priced at the lowest tier, 99c US / 69p UK. 

You can find this app at

Decider 1.2


Decider has now been updated to include iPhone 5 support and can be downloaded from