2 Months of Number Tap

So, Number Tap has been out for 2 months now. I thought I would share some stats on how it is doing. Considering I had a no marketing budget, I am fairly happy with how it has performed. 

From 0 to 3,296 downloads

Number Tap for iOS

Number Tap for iOS

I have had 3,296 total downloads and has mostly 4-5 star ratings across the stores. It launched for the cheapest paid price point which is $0.99. Sadly though, the majority of the downloads were done while it was a free app during promotional periods. You can see by the table below how Number tap performed on the daily charts by seeing the highest ranks it has achieved. 

Daily Ranks

Pre launch

I sent out review promo codes to around 30 websites which they could use to download the app early with intent of reviewing. I saw around 1/3 of these codes used and out of that I got very little response. The team at Corona Geek gave me the opportunity to do a guest blog post to help promote it, but most of the places emailed me back saying that they would review the game if I paid for a review. I declined. 

The launch

The launch weekend was ok, I got just over 30 downloads. After the launch weekend I was getting a few downloads per day which soon turned to 0 downloads per day shortly before Christmas. After realising that Christmas is a highly competitive time to get noticed, I decided to make it free over the festive period, this netted me 1500 downloads over a week. It was great to know that people were downloading and playing the game, also I got some positive reviews and great feedback too. 

One Month Later

During January, I experimented with a free period again for 5 days, netting me 1600 downloads and more positive reviews (along with a couple negative . 100 more downloads than the Christmas period in 2 less days. 

App Annie Screenshot  - Downloads / Day

App Usage

Here are a few stats captured by Flurry Analytics. I Track iPad and iPhone usage separately  Surprisingly there is an almost 50/50 split on iPhone and iPad use. 1435 unique users on iPad and 1401 on iPhone. The amount of sessions (times the app has been open/closed) is almost a direct split too, 4937 sessions on iPad, 4979 on iPhone. This breaks down to the average user uses the app 3-4 times. I have found that between 52%-54% of users on iPad & iPhone only use the app once. 

Session Frequency per user for iPad

Session Frequency per user for iPhone

The median session length (time spent inside the app) is 54 seconds for iPad and 58 seconds for iPhone. 

A total of 6548 games have been played with 217,606 correct answers given vs 23,456 (I didn't make that up!) wrong answers.

Looking at devices used, I was a little surprised to see the older generation iPad 2 with 36% of the usage. It is refreshing to know also that nearly 90% of users across both hardware sets are using iOS 6.x.

Flurry Analytics Popular devices & iOS Versions 

My return

Looking at the past month, I have received an average of 3 downloads per day, and have totaled $83.40 in 2 months. Given the time I have put into this over a 6 week period, I have estimated my return to be around $1.50 per hour. 

Luckily, I do this for the pleasure of learning a new skill, rather then the money at this point. It has not deterred me from continuing to learn and develop new applications. The knowledge I have learnt after this is priceless, and I am happy to have this app in my portfolio along with any future revenue that it makes. 

Number Tap is available here: iOS App Store