My OS X Setup - The Toolbar

My OS X Setup - The Toolbar

Following on from my last post about my Dock Icons, here is what I keep up in my toolbar. 

CopyClip - I copy & paste text all the time, so I find CopyClip absolutely essential to keep a history of my pasteboard. 

QuickRes - QuickRes allows you to quickly change screen resolutions with either a click of the toolbar, or a keyboard shortcut. With previous devices I have always used the default resolution. Since getting the Retina Display Macbook I have found myself wanting to toggle resolutions depending on what task I’m doing. Some times I could use extra real estate so I use 1680x1050, the rest of the time, I use the default 1280x800. The maximum resolution is 3360x2100, a little to extreme for me! 

iStat Menus - I have this setup to show 4 key metrics: Network Activity, CPU Usage, Memory Pressure & Disk Space. At a glance, I can get a good visual representation of what my computer is doing along with what applications are causing any unexpected usage.
Fantastical - With Fantastical I’m one keyboard shortcut away to adding a new calendar appointment, or seeing my current schedule. Also the toolbar icon is a nice minimal way to check the current date.

BackBlaze (not pictured) - My favorite cloud backup service. I haven’t setup BackBlaze backups yet on this machine yet, as I am still in the process of migrating over from my old Macbook. Once that is complete, I’ll setup BackBlaze to periodically backup my data remotely.