Crystal 1.3 Aniversary Update

The latest version of Crystal for iOS is finally here with new features, bugs squished and a 1st anniversary promotion.


To celebrate 1 year of adblocking on iOS, Crystal will be free for the weekend

If you haven't tried Crystal yet or want to recommend it to family, friends, Uber drivers or Tinder dates, be sure to do so before the end of Monday to take advantage of the price drop. Grab it at

New Features? 

Onboarding - When you first launch you'll see some new onboarding slides which'll guide you through the setup process and explain new features in future updates. 

Whitelisting - Want to support a particular website? You can add it to the whitelist and Crystal will no longer block ads on that site. There's also a Safari Action Extension so you can whitelist sites without leaving your browser. Neat huh?

Acceptable Ads - You can now choose to block all ads or allow minimal advertising that meets the Acceptable Ads criteria to help support the sites you love. Want more details? Check out this post I wrote detailing Acceptable Ads here last year.

Bug Fixes & Improvments

  • I've rewrote the sync engine to be more reliable and perform better.
  • The sync engine is made with modularity in mind, allowing for future features to be added a lot quicker. 
  • Fixed an issue where a small number of devices on iOS 10 are unable to download an updated blocklist.
  • The UI within the app has been refined so it should look a lot nicer. 
  • I've removed the "Open Settings" shortcut, as this functionality has been removed from iOS 10.