Recreating the new iTunes App Icon

A new version of iTunes was released yesterday with the launch of Apple Music, Apple's new music streaming service.

I loved the new icon design on the iTunes Mac App, especially the colourful gradient, so I took an attempt to recreate it within Sketch. 

Here is the result.

It's not 100% accurate as I couldn't get some of the colours to match exact, but its pretty darn close. Recreating this icon has taught me a little about layering gradients, which is a technique I haven't really used heavily in the past.

Feel free to download the Sketch file and check it out for yourself. 

Media Icons

Recently I've been trying to improve my design skills (or lack of thereof!). I decided to redesign the basic media controls found in most music apps in Sketch.

I have no real use for these icons, so I've decided to release them as a pack for free. They are fully editable vectors and free to use for personal or commercial projects. Hopefully in the coming months I'll create some more icons to put there.