My OS X Setup - The Toolbar

My OS X Setup - The Toolbar

Following on from my last post about my Dock Icons, here is what I keep up in my toolbar. 

CopyClip - I copy & paste text all the time, so I find CopyClip absolutely essential to keep a history of my pasteboard. 

QuickRes - QuickRes allows you to quickly change screen resolutions with either a click of the toolbar, or a keyboard shortcut. With previous devices I have always used the default resolution. Since getting the Retina Display Macbook I have found myself wanting to toggle resolutions depending on what task I’m doing. Some times I could use extra real estate so I use 1680x1050, the rest of the time, I use the default 1280x800. The maximum resolution is 3360x2100, a little to extreme for me! 

iStat Menus - I have this setup to show 4 key metrics: Network Activity, CPU Usage, Memory Pressure & Disk Space. At a glance, I can get a good visual representation of what my computer is doing along with what applications are causing any unexpected usage.
Fantastical - With Fantastical I’m one keyboard shortcut away to adding a new calendar appointment, or seeing my current schedule. Also the toolbar icon is a nice minimal way to check the current date.

BackBlaze (not pictured) - My favorite cloud backup service. I haven’t setup BackBlaze backups yet on this machine yet, as I am still in the process of migrating over from my old Macbook. Once that is complete, I’ll setup BackBlaze to periodically backup my data remotely. 

Virgin TV Anywhere

Virgin TV Anywhere has been officially unveiled by the UK cable TV provider, billed as a cloud-based entertainment service for Virgin Media subscribers to watch TV and movies on computers, tablets and smartphones. And this clearly positions it alongside BSkyB’s online offering.
— The Next Web:

As much as I love Virgin Media's services, it does seem like they are always playing catchup to BSkyB.

Its good to see all the major content providers within the UK offering cloud services to stream on-demand.

At the moment this is only for iOS, I can only assume this would be rolled out across more devices in the future.