Recreating the new iTunes App Icon

A new version of iTunes was released yesterday with the launch of Apple Music, Apple's new music streaming service.

I loved the new icon design on the iTunes Mac App, especially the colourful gradient, so I took an attempt to recreate it within Sketch. 

Here is the result.

It's not 100% accurate as I couldn't get some of the colours to match exact, but its pretty darn close. Recreating this icon has taught me a little about layering gradients, which is a technique I haven't really used heavily in the past.

Feel free to download the Sketch file and check it out for yourself. - Learn iOS Design & Xcode

Design+Code is an online course, delivered through text and video, designed to teach you how to create an app from scratch. From design through to mock ups, prototyping and creation of a functional app. 

As someone who enjoys digital design but finds it a natural struggle, it was very empowering to follow along the tutorials in Sketch and see a basic prototype on my phone. When it comes to code, the author, Meng To, does a great job of explaining just enough of the Swift language to get you comfortable to understand what is happening while you follow along. It's also great to see how Meng uses Xcode Storyboards to do quick prototypes for apps without any code. It's so simple, obvious once you see it done, but it had never occurred to me to do it. 

There is also a great community aspect that comes with this course. Meng sends out a weekly newsletter of curated links relating to app creation & design, and there is a Facebook group dedicated to this course, who I have found are very helpful in answering questions and helping each-other out with different aspects of the course and app creation in general.

Design+Code is a unique way of teaching, and to me an effective one. Be sure to check it out at