Site Stats - Referrer by Search Engine

Just a quick post - After checking my referrers for the month, I was pleasantly surprised to see DuckDuckGo, my search engine of choice, ranked as high as it was compared to other search engines. It goes without saying that my site has such a tiny sample size, so not really representative of the wider web.  

Site Referrals by Search Engine

Live hangout with the Corona Geeks

During this special episode of Corona Geek we hangout with Dean Murphy, developer of the Joke Shake app for iPhone and iPad. Dean shares his Corona experience as someone who is new to programming entirely. Dean also shares some of the lessons he had to learn the hard way.

I was invited by the Corona Geek's to join their Google Hangout to talk about my experiences with Corona. I had a great time appearing in my first live hangout, and there were some interesting topics covered. Check it out!

via CoronaGeek


Microsoft & Google rumoured to be interested UK mobile spectrum?

Both Google and Microsoft have expressed an “extreme interest” in currently unused white space spectrum in the UK, according to The Telegraph. A senior government source speaking to the publication says that both companies see the spectrum as “very, very important.”

Would be great to see a technology company in charge of some of the UK spectrum, after EE's poor attempt at offering LTE.

Google have outlined with their Fiber project that they want to promote an affordable and usable service to promoting media streaming, which would translate well to UK mobile 4G use.