The next project

So I have made a little progress with my 3rd app last night, programming some of the logic behind my new game.

While it is still a while from completion and still very much in an Alpha state, here are a few details of what it will support...

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print "Hello World"

So this is the first post.

My name is Dean Murphy, I'm originally from London, England, but currently living in the North-East of England with my Wife and Daughter.

I have dedicated myself to almost non-stop programming the past 3 months in both Python and Lua.

Since starting to program I have released 2 iOS apps under my brand echo(echo).

My third iOS app is currently in development for a client who hired me after I was assisting him on a forum. This is slated for release within the next 6 weeks.

This blog is mainly a place where I can document the progress I am making, post tutorials and example code, give opinions on trending topics, explore marketing & analyctics and maybe you might see the a review of any apps, games & gadgets I discover.

Enjoy ^_^