2014 Macbook Pro - First Impressions

For nearly 6 years my late 2008 MacBook has served me well.

Recently it has started showing its age in terms of performance and stability. It's no surprise, as it has had heavy use of photo editing, music recording, application development, graphic design, countless hours of movies, music and netflix streamed over many years... It needs a break!

I've decided to upgrade to the baseline Mid-2014 13" Macbook Pro with Retina Display (such a mouthful!). I won't do a full on review, as that has been done better and more in-depth elsewhere. What I will offer though is some first impressions on the differences I've noticed compared to 6 year old predecessor.

  • Speed: Everything is just so fast and responsive. I previously fitted an SSD into my old machine, which brought the boot time to around 25 seconds. This new MacBook turns on from a cold boot in under 10 seconds. Great for when I just want to get to work!
  • Sound: Well, there isn't any. The fan is whisper quiet thanks to the asymmetrical blades. Even under a few matches in Team Fortress 2, it didn't make much audible noise.
  • Sight: I have a love/hate relationship with the Retina Display. The amount of detail shown is incredible. The typography looks beautiful, icons shine, and Yosemite renders everything perfectly. However, after switching back to my old MacBook, everything on the screen looks slightly fuzzy due to the lower resolution. The Retina Display is amazing when you are using it, and sucky when you're not. 

That's all I wanted to touch on in this post, although I will give a last minute mention to the weight, dimensions & battery life, it feels light but sturdy and apparently can last for around 9 hours on a single charge which I have yet to test but have no doubts it will.